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Our Services

Rina optics were still interested in bringing the latest products to our country, focusing on original products that protect the eye and help give customers a wonderful and elegant appearance, to cover all tastes with qualified Libyan expertise.

we aspire through these experiences to reach the highest levels of service delivery at the local and regional levels.

1 - Medical and sun glasses and medical and cosmetic contact lenses for all ages.

2 - The most famous international brands: German - Italian - French - Spanish - at competitive prices that mimic the current economic situation of our country and distinguish our company from other competing companies.

3- Looking at the latest computer detection equipment.

4 - Diagnosis and treatment of refractive errors in the eye

5- Providing special lenses through their request from the country of origin, whatever the required medical force.

6- Examination and examination of contact lenses with the presence of an experimental lens to ensure accuracy.

7 - Helping users of contact lenses on how to deal with them and take care of them.

8 - Provide contact lens accessories.

9 - Providing glasses accessories.