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Dario Martini

Dario Martini

MARTINI OCCHIALI SRL was founded in the Eighties by Dario Martini and Nadia Zampol with the aim of offering customers a product with a high quality standard, making use of the experience acquired in over ten years of activity in the eyewear sector, in the production of moulds and small parts for spectacles.
Located in the heart of the Cadore Valley, renowned for its enchanting landscapes, MARTINI OCCHIALI has always kept up with the latest in fashion by continuously updating its product lines.
What has instead remained unchanged over the years is the maximum level of professionalism and openness to customers. Flexibility in carrying out technical variations on their own products, proposed by the customer, is another characteristic of MARTINI OCCHIALI, as well the exclusive use of high quality materials, made in Italy.

All these prerequisites have enabled the company to become structurally stronger thanks to the constant increase of sales and the extension of its end markets.
The top line is the DARIO MARTINI ® collection which comprises a wide range of models for men but also, in particular, models for women enhanced with original SWAROVSKI ® crystals.

The main aim of MARTINI OCCHIALI is to offer customers refined, high-quality spectacles, with a touch of elegance and sobriety, all 100% made in Italy.


25 February 2020


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